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Regulatory Compliance

Northern Environmental has the expertise to develop effective waste management programs, comply with Federal and State environmental regulations, as well as minimize the environmental impact of your business.

Northern Environmental Wants to Help You!

The complexity of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) regulations that govern businesses and employees using hazardous materials can be intimidating. Violations can carry stiff penalties and, in some cases, result in criminal charges against managers and companies.


Hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are required to be managed in accordance with Federal and State regulations.  Northern's team of highly skilled professionals provides assistance in this area through these benefits and features:

  • Northern's highly experienced team members provide an excellent resource for regulatory questions or concerns

  • Regularly scheduled services reduce volumes of waste onsite

  • Expert team members provide a seamless process of sampling and profiling your waste

  • All paperwork is prepared by our administrative staff for your review and approval each step of the process

  • Industrial and construction stormwater permit application, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) development and Best Management Practices (BMP) selection and implementation assistance.

  • Stormwater permit required inspection services and Dangerous Waste Compliance assistance and site audits.

  • City and County inspection compliance and corrective measure assistance. 

  • Northern maintains insurance coverage for various possibilities in amounts above limits required by law

Northern can evaluate areas that are out of compliance then develop a plan to help clients come into, and stay in, regulatory compliance.   We do this while accounting for the organization’s business goals and financial costs.

Transportation of all collected waste is sent to a properly designated treatment facility following all Federal, State, and Local Regulations.


Keeping in proper compliance with all current waste and disposal regulations is an integral part of keeping our environment clean for generations to come.


Federal and Local Compliance

WA State Department of Ecology

The Washington State Department of Ecology is a great resource of information about all environmental regulations and guidance for Washington State. There is a lot of information there, so below are some other more specific links.

Help with Stormwater and Wastewater Regulations

WA Department of Ecology's section titled "Water & Shorelines" is a great resource for wastewater and stormwater information.

Help with Hazardous Waste

WA Department of Ecology's section titled "Dangerous Waste Basics" is a great resource for hazardous material information.

More Helpful Information

WA Department of Ecology's section called "Shop Talk" has great articles on environmental clean-up regulations, process, other other information.

Helpful Website Links

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