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Hydro Excavation

Our hydrovac truck uses high-pressure water to cut and liquify the soil while using a high-volume vacuum to remove the soil from the excavation. This allows excavation using pin-point precision rather than doing necessarily large and risky digs. Crews often use hydrovac to uncover utility lines and pipe systems with minimal risk of damage.


What can Hydro Excavation do for you?

There are many benefits for you to have Northern use Hydrovac Excavation: ​

  • Minimal Risk of Injury or Damage

  • Accuracy: Operators use a handheld pressurized wand to direct the stream of water that cuts through and softens the soil.

  • Use in Winter: Hot water hydrovac systems can heat up and soften even frozen soil. This allows construction and repair projects to continue throughout the cold months.

  • Timely Project Completion: Mechanical excavation tools can easily tear through utilities and damage pipes. Hydrovac excavation is a gentler process that won’t disrupt or delay the site with costly repairs. Hydrovac is also a fast, convenient process.

Hydro Excavation in Action

Need to understand more about Hydro Excavation? Watch these videos below.

Not sure if your needs could use Hydro Excavation?

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