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Industrial and Construction Site Assistance

Northern Environmental offers Industrial Cleaning Services and Construction Waste Management services to properly clean and decontaminate holding tanks, vaults,  oil-water separators and on-site treatment systems. Specializing in heavy sludge/slurry transportation and disposal. 


Overview of Services

Our vacuum trucks cover most industrial cleaning and construction waste removal needs. 

Northern's vacuum trucks include burners which allow for on site steam cleaning to minimize costly expense of multiple pieces of equipment.

From heavy sludge and oil build-up to sediment from process waters causing problems to your facilities, our highly trained technicians have years of experience to handle any waste cleaning in the following areas:


  • Storage Tanks

  • Bulk petroleum tank and pipeline (steam and dry)

  • Storm Water Vaults

  • Catch basins

  • Oil Water Separators

  • Concrete and drilling slurries

  • FlowJet Cutting Tables

  • Post construction cleaning

  • Wheel wash systems 

  • Stormwater treatment system maintenance

  • Settling tanks and sand filter cleaning


The extensive knowledge of Northern's team provides premium  support to all industrial and construction sites. Our choice of equipment provides versatility for all cleaning and heavy sludge removal. Most of our vac units are equipped with high BTU burners and volume wash systems eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment. The unique blend of experience and equipment increases efficiency which translate to cost savings for our customers.

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